NE Care Management Services is a Delaware based care management company that provides a personalized plan of care to help the elderly stay at home – wherever home may be.

We offer an extensive suite of services that can be purchased privately. Care management is at the core of everything we do. Our Companions are clinical professionals – nurses and social workers.
Our Care Managers put together a personalized plan of care and supervise and support the services in the home, including caregivers, LPNs, live-ins, and specialty companions. This is what truly differentiates our service from other options in the marketplace. The clinical supervisors manage the entire case and ensures that the family and client are getting what they need.

Optimal Service

We can provide services for a large spectrum of needs, including those with:
• Basic custodial care needs
• Medically complex cases
• Memory issues or patients who cannot self-direct
• Psychiatric needs or behavioral management issues

Every person who needs elder care is different, and has a unique set of needs. To meet those varying needs, we offer a comprehensive set of services that are planned and coordinated based on based on personal medical history, the physical environment, and medical, cognitive, and psychological needs of your loved one. When needs change, our Companions and Care Managers are there to monitor and adjust the plan to continue providing comfort and peace of mind.